Written in the Stars


Think you're about to get fired? The answer could be written in the stars.

Maybe it's not all about your job performance and attitude that keeps you employed. What if the fate of your 9 to 5 rested in the time of your birth? To help narrow down which zodiac signs are more likely to get themselves fired MSN enlisted the help of several experts to see which signs have qualities that might clash with your office space.

For example, Pisces, people born between February 18th and March 20th are known to be kind but that might not get you far. When a Pisces feels stressed they feel the need to escape. Unfortunately too many mental health days won't sit well with your employer.  read more »

Higher Education


Thinking about heading back to school? The first thing you should study; is your field of study.

Faced with a job market with few openings many college grads are going straight back to class. Unfortunately some of those higher degrees might not pay off. So to help you figure out which ones have the best chance of success Forbes put together a list of the best and worst degree’s for jobs.  read more »

A Ruined Resume


Sometimes words can hurt; especially when they’re on your resume.

Over the past few years employers have read hundreds of resumes from people desperately seeking a paycheck. And by the time they are halfway through the pile there are a few clichés, phrases and words that will do more harm than good.

To help you edit out unnecessary filler interviewed 1,300 managers at companies all across the country. Their feedback became a list of ten words or phrases that you should retire from your resume.  read more »

Must Have Job Skills


If your new year’s resolution involves a new job; there are a few skills you need to bring into 2013.

If you’re looking for a door to get your foot into; the Wall Street Journal has four must-have skills to put you a step ahead. And if you’re already employed the journal says these same skills can land you a promotion.

For example number four on the list is improving production. Experts say in the new year executives will be looking for a 20% improvement in employee performance. This includes volunteering for projects or looking for creative ways to help the company. One New York career coach suggests being able to understand what is needed and wanted without being told.  read more »

Broadcast Bounceback


Been watching network news lately? If so you may notice the economy is coming back.

Back during the height of the last recession I was shocked to see evening news programs on major networks filled with infomercials. You know. The ads you love to hate, but once only saw on cable late at night.

You pick up the phone after the sales pitch, call the 800 number flashed on the screen and order an exercise bike now parked in your garage. Or maybe use an attorney to sue after a car accident. No high prices ads for fancy cars or trips to Europe were airing. Car companies, airlines and retailers who were the bread and butter of network revenues were slashing marketing budgets and big ad campaigns. Some infomercial producers cut deals with networks for revenue sharing.  read more »

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A Younger Workforce


The vibe at your nine to five is getting a lot younger.

According to it’s not unusual for the person occupying the corner office to be younger than the people they manage. A recent Careerbuilder survey found that 34% of workers say their boss is younger than they are. Fifteen percent of people say in some cases that age difference is at least ten years.  read more »

Unhappiest Jobs


Most people aren’t happy to see Monday morning; and for some that feeling can last all week.

The beginning of the work week blues may have little to do with you and everything to do with your nine to five. And to see which job titles suffer the most; analyzed more than 100,000 and came up with the unhappiest jobs in the country.

According to Forbes the people surveyed were asked to rate ten factors that determine how happy you are at work. This included things such as a person’s relationship with their boss and co-workers, daily tasks and growth opportunities. Each factor was ranked on a scale of one to five.

In order for a profession to be considered a minimum of 50 employee reviews were required; and executive level jobs were excluded.  read more »

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Happy Employees


People often complain about office life; but what would you give up for a few improvements?

According to a recently released survey about office life the average worker isn’t fond of extracurricular activities. These include office baby showers, costume parties or group photos. And when it comes to the option of working from home, most would give up free alcohol, coffee or lunch breaks for the chance to stay out of the office once a week.

Researchers with the study say this shows that companies will benefit more by being flexible and allowing people to work from anywhere. They say helping people combine their professional and personal lives can boost workplace morale and productivity.  read more »

The Quitting Quiz


Considering a career change? Time to test out your true feelings.

Every now and then a bad day in the office makes you want to quit and run for the door. But the memory of a steady paycheck often slows you down. So how can you tell if this feeling is just a mild frustration or something more?

To help wrap your mind around turning in your two weeks’ notice has put together a quiz on whether or not to quit. It features ten questions designed to determine your next move. Answer the questions honestly and find out if it’s just a bad day or time to resign.  read more »

Too Much of a Good Thing


Everyone has good traits; just don’t let them go bad.

Robert Half International is the world’s largest staffing and consulting services company. Recently it discussed with the type of traits companies look for in potential employees. And why those traits, no matter how good they may be can sometimes work against you.

For example being known around the office as a nice person can be a good thing; unless you become a pushover. This will lead to people taking advantage of you or directing unwanted assignments in your direction. Or maybe you’re someone who’s in the know. The first person co-workers come to with a question. Another good trait unless what you know is just nine to five gossip and the information you’re known to spread is rumors.  read more »