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Public Relations Goes Social


United Airlines is facing a public relations nightmare and social media won't let the company forget it.

Thanks to the internet and sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram incidents spread faster than companies can control them. Last week Pepsi pulled a controversial commercial following immediate backlash from social media and now United is facing the same storm.  read more »

A Refreshing Investment


Cans of Cherry Coke in China are about to get a whole lot richer, but only on the outside.

Right now, and only for a limited time the image of billionaire Warren Buffet can be found on the sides of cans of Cherry Coke sold in China. Coke says it received permission from buffet for the unusual campaign in an effort to capitalize on his popularity in the country.

Berkshire Hathaway which buffet runs is Coke's largest investor with a 9.3% stake in the company, worth about $17 billion. Buffet himself has a large group of fans in China which often sends groups of people to watch him at his company's annual meetings in Nebraska. Last year Berkshire even webcast its meeting for the first time and provided a translation in mandarin. And it looks like the feeling is mutual.  read more »

Star Trek on Tour


Stars of the hit show Star Trek are helping a Los Angeles museum live long and prosper.

After a decade in storage seven wax crew members of the original Star Trek series are getting a makeover and will be displayed at the Hollywood Science Fiction Museum. The figures, which include Captain Kirk and Spock were originally created for the Movieland Wax Museum. Around ten years ago the museum went under and the statues were auctioned off to a couple for $40,000. After fixing them up, they spent another $40,000 on building another mock setup of the bridge of the Enterprise and took it all on tour. Unfortunately the endeavor didn't pull in much money and the statues were put back into storage until three months ago when they were sold to the Science Fiction Museum.  read more »

Apple Park

apple park.jpg

Apple's previously unidentified object has landed and this month will open for business.

Apple Park, the large circular building people liken to a UFO will be ready to house employees in the next couple of weeks. Apple's new headquarters is a single ring, about one mile in circumference and set in a large campus covered in plants. It will house 13,000 employees on over 2.8 million square feet of office space. Those employees will enjoy fruit trees, a large fitness center and a work space that has been carefully overseen, right down to the tables by Apple's Chief Design Officer.  read more »

Robot Tax


The world is becoming more and more automated and one California City wants to tax the high tech.

San Francisco city supervisor Jane Kim is setting up a working group to consider taxing companies that replace human workers with robots. The idea was originally proposed by Microsoft CEO Bill Gates who says that a robot tax could slow down the shift to automation and give society a chance to catch up. Gates says it could also mean a higher salary for work done by humans such as taking care of children or the elderly. And Supervisor Kim agrees.  read more »

Good Communication


Want to get ahead? Learn how to communicate.

Carmine Gallo is author of “Talk Like Ted; The Nine Public Speaking Secrets of the World's Top Minds.”

“The reason I started writing about communication is because so many great leaders I interviewed seem to attribute their success to being able to communicate persuasively.”

Gallo says many of the most successful people in the world believe that they got to where they are because of their ability to communicate. Gallo says billionaire warren buffet used to be afraid of public speaking but now considers it one of his biggest assets.  read more »

An Early Start


Looking to tap into your entrepreneurial spirit? There are a few things you need to do before most people are even awake.

According to Entrepreneur Magazine there are seven things the most successful people in the world do every day before 7 AM. The magazine says besides starting your day off on the right foot these habits keep you motivated and eliminates wasted time.

For example, being wide awake by 7 AM. When you wake up early you have the time to check the news, exercise and prepare for your day. Instead of rushing to get ready and running out the door feeling frazzled an unfocused.  read more »

The Business of Fighting Crime


Walmart is taking the law into its own hands and its targeting shoplifters.

The retail chain is hoping to stop its problem with shoplifters with a new program that requires little help from police. It's called the restorative justice program and is currently being put into use in 1,500 stores across the country.

Here's how it works. Instead of calling the police on everyone caught pocketing a few items from store shelves, low risk or first time offenders are given a choice. Attend an anti-shoplifting class or end up in handcuffs. And it's a win win for everyone. The culprit stays out of jail and they have to pay a fee to attend the course which means extra money for Walmart.  read more »

The Dripless Wine Bottle


It's being called the greatest scientific breakthrough of all time, and it all has to do with a wine bottle.

It never fails, pour a glass of wine and watch that last drop run down the bottle and onto your table. And unless you want to wrap the wine in a napkin or drink straight from the bottle the drip has been an unfortunate side effect of happy hour, until now.  read more »

Lyft's Charity Program


Want to give back? Just hitch a ride with Lyft.

In a couple of weeks the ride sharing company Lyft is launching its “round up and donate” program. Using the slogan “take a seat to take a stand” Lyft will automatically round your fare to the nearest whole dollar and donate the difference to a charity.

The company says you can opt in to the program through the app with a one-time tap. Then every time you book a ride, the amount will automatically be rounded up to the next dollar. And while a quarter here or thirty cents there doesn't sound like a lot of money the company says it all adds up.  read more »