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Candy for Cows


Our unwanted food is going out to pasture; and it turns out the cows have quite the sweet tooth.

Recently sheriff deputies in dodge county, Wisconsin discovered an unusual sight; thousands of red skittles, all over the highway. According to the Washington Post, after a few days of investigating, the deputies discovered that a truck carrying the candy was on its way to be mixed with cattle feed and then fed to cattle. Unfortunately for the cows, it overturned before it reached its destination. And it turns out handing over discarded candy to the cattle isn't uncommon.  read more »

Secret Sauce


McDonald’s secret sauce is no longer such a secret.

For the first time, the golden arches is making bottles of its famous big mac sauce available in the U.S. Starting just a couple of days ago the fast food chain began offering up ten thousand bottles of the sauce at its restaurants and its social media pages.  read more »

Kubo The Robot


The world has gone high tech; and now your toddler can follow along.

These days everything we need is just a click, swipe or tap away. And if it's not already automated; chances are it’s well on its way. And that means that the next generation of the work force needs to be well equipped to keep up. Teachers and experts are encouraging students to take an interest in classes such as science, engineering and math. And now your child can start learning the basics even before they enter a classroom.  read more »

Creepy Crawly Love


Valentine's Day is right around the corner; so what are you going to get that special someone?

Last year Valentine’s Day became known as America’s $21 billion day of love. Between the flowers, cards, jewelry and candy, people spent just shy of that amount to say “I love you.” So this year instead of heading to Hallmark, See's or The Diamond Store how about the Bronx Zoo?  read more »

Samsung's Diagnosis


2016 was a hot year for Samsung and now we know why.

Since its release Samsung has been plagued with reports of its new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 catching fire; and not just when it was plugged in. The devices were sparking a flame in people's pockets, purses, even the floor of an airplane. The problem became so bad that the FAA banned people from even bringing it on board regardless if it was turned on or not.  read more »

Villanova's Anniversary

Villanova University Sign.jpg

Villanova University is celebrating its 175th birthday, with a personalized beverage to raise a glass with.

The co-owners of New Jersey's Cape May Brewing Company are releasing a new brew on January 25th to celebrate the date Villanova was founded. Ryan Krill and Chris Henke say they first met as freshman at the suburban Philadelphia school and became fast friends, going on to start the brewery.

The university which is planning various ways to celebrate the milestone anniversary contacted the two. Officials say they are trying to work various alumni of the school into the event and tapped them to come up with a beer honoring Villanova.  read more »

Open Minded Dating


Traditional dating apps are getting a little competition; from a third person.

In today's tech oriented society there is no shortage of websites helping just about anyone looking for love. From clowns to farmers to Christians all you have to do is swipe, wink or wave at a profile you're interested in to make a connection. Now one man says all of those websites are overrated and a temporary solution to a messy, unstructured database.  read more »

A Mold Problem


Is your child's favorite chew toy a big moldy mess?

This week parents reported finding mold inside their Sophie the giraffe toy. Sophie is a plastic toy that sells for about $25 and over the past couple of years has become very popular for anyone who is teething.

Earlier this week a woman told the magazine “Good Housekeeping” that her child's Sophie began to give out a weird musky smell so she cut it open. Inside was a layer of mold from head to tail and she wasn't the only one. Another woman cut the legs off her Sophie and discovered a layer of mold and send the pictures to Amazon.  read more »

Wanted: Part Time Hermit


There is a job opening in Austria and it's a safe bet you have plenty of experience to land the gig.

Municipal and Catholic Church officials in a small town in Austria are on the hunt for a part time hermit to live in a remote home built into the side of a steep cliff. Other qualifications church officials are looking for include someone who is at peace with themselves. They should also have a Christian outlook and be ready to greet any visiting pilgrims to their remote dwelling.  read more »

Inaugural Costs


President elect Donald Trump is officially President Trump; and all the pomp and circumstance to change the title didn't come cheap.

According to some of the people behind the planning, the recent inauguration cost more than $200 million thanks to things such as transportation, security and protection from the weather. On top of that you have private dinners, the swearing in ceremony and the inaugural ball.

The cost of the ceremony is split between private donors and federal and state governments and is expected to be one of the most expensive inaugurations ever. Experts say that can be attributed to inflation, the amount of donations being brought in by the campaign and of course security.  read more »