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Orangutan Dating


Scientists are looking for ways to increase the population of certain species; and they're turning to online dating to help the odds.

Orangutans in a Dutch zoo are getting a little help in finding a mate thanks to a new research projects that is drawing comparisons to Tinder. For humans, the dating site works by popping up a picture of a person that matches your criteria and you can swipe left or right based on your first impression. For the Orangutans biologists investigate their emotional responses when looking at images of the same species on a touch screen.  read more »

Jobs for 2017


It's a brand new year and as the world continues to move forward so does your nine to five.

The job market is changing with new technology adding and removing opportunity. So what will 2017 bring us when it comes to advancing your resume? To help you figure out what gig you might be qualified for MSN Money has a list of the eight jobs that the New Year is putting on the radar.

For example, a simulated astronaut. You have to meet the basic requirements of the NASA astronaut program and it only brings in 18 grand a year but you can say you helped put people on the red planet by simulating life on Mars.  read more »

Hologram Technology


Technology is evolving and now the impossible might not be so far out of reach.

Flying cars, hover boards and shoes that lace themselves are no longer part of Hollywood fiction; instead they are items people can own. And now, thanks to the advances we have made it's possible for someone to be in two places at once.

French presidential candidate Jean Luc Melenchon is trying as hard as he can to spread his message along the campaign trail; and he's using technology to do it. At a rally last week a hologram of him giving his campaign speech was projected by satellite to the crowd. While supporters call it an example of his forward thinking, critics say it's nothing more than a gimmick designed to distract the voters. And he isn't the only one using holograms to boost business.  read more »

Voice Over Technology


Technology might be changing the world, but for one industry it's opening a few doors.

For almost 30 years the San Francisco based talent agency MDT has been linking clients with people who provide on camera and voice over work. And now advances in the equipment available has made that job just a little bit easier.

“With the advent of less expensive more quality microphones voice over talent are now able to record from the comfort of their own home instead of having to go into a studio and buy studio time to audition. Now they can record in their pajamas at home and shoot over an audition, we give that to the client right away.”  read more »



Hooters is bringing in some male servers; but the new eye candy has a catch.

Hooters, the restaurant chain known for its wings and scantily clad female wait staff is jumping into the world of fast food. Earlier this week the management team behind Hooters announced it was opening a new restaurant to be called “Hoots.”

It will feature a one page menu with some of the fan favorite items from Hooters and a full bar. But there will be male and female servers and they will take your order behind a counter. Then you pick up your food and head to your table. A style, similar to how things work at companies such as McDonald’s Burger King and Chick-Fil-A.  read more »

Tweeting Your Dreams True


Twitter is in the business of keeping the world connected; and one man is using that to his advantage.

Right now there are more than 317 million active Twitter accounts. Some people use it to stay informed, others for networking and some to reach people they would normally have no chance of talking to. Spanish golfer Sergio Garcia found that out when he became the subject of a relentless Twitter campaign from one of his fans.  read more »

A Super Sunday

sb logo.jpg

It's the weekend of the big game, and for a lot of people the celebration will continue long past the last down.

According to a study by the Workforce Institute at least 16.5 million American workers called in sick following the 2016 super bowl. In addition to that, another ten million workers had taken the day off. This year is expected to be no different, with about the same number of people being no-shows or coming in late.  read more »

Your Personal Barista


Need a caffeine fix? Take it up with your personal barista.

Starbucks is jumping into the virtual assistant game and releasing its own version of apple's Siri or amazon's Alexa. The coffee shop chain is rolling out a new voice assistant called barista to a very small number of beta testers. Barista lives inside the Starbucks app and acts like a virtual order taker. All you have to do is fire up the app, clearly place your order and then head over to pick it up. This way instead of hunting through menus and making sure your specific choices are recognized you can just spell out what you want.  read more »

Super Bowl Commercials


It's Super Bowl weekend; so are you watching the action on the field or what happens during the commercial break?

Every year hundreds of hours are worked and millions of dollars are spent but not all of it has to do with the four quarters of the big game. Instead companies spend months planning for their moment of glory, hoping to be the one that gives the country the most talked about commercial of the year. While there is no clear formula for what makes a winning ad, things such as celebrities, animals and sex put some above the others.  read more »

Candy for Cows


Our unwanted food is going out to pasture; and it turns out the cows have quite the sweet tooth.

Recently sheriff deputies in dodge county, Wisconsin discovered an unusual sight; thousands of red skittles, all over the highway. According to the Washington Post, after a few days of investigating, the deputies discovered that a truck carrying the candy was on its way to be mixed with cattle feed and then fed to cattle. Unfortunately for the cows, it overturned before it reached its destination. And it turns out handing over discarded candy to the cattle isn't uncommon.  read more »