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Buying Happiness


Think money can buy you happiness? Depends what you spend it on.

According to a new study published in the journal, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences people who spend money to buy themselves more free time are happier than others. Examples of this includes spending money to hire someone for personal chores such as house cleaning, grocery shopping and washing the car. And it's not just the rich who are benefiting.  read more »

Stuck Inside an ATM


Everyone has had a bad day at work; but one Texas repairman probably has you beat.

What started out as an ordinary day ended with a cry for help that no one took seriously for one man in Corpus Christi, Texas. The man who has not been identified was working on a bank’s ATM when he became stuck inside. Because the walls are so thick his voice did not carry to the people outside so he got a little creative. He began writing polite notes that read “please help. I'm stuck in here. Please call my boss” and passing them through to customers.  read more »

Disney's Bottom Line


The happiest place on earth is getting a little more magical.

For the first time in more than a decade, attendance is down at 13 out of 14 Disney parks because of rising costs. Bad weather, terrorist fears and overcrowding are also contributing to a drop in the number of people lining up to spend time with mickey and his friends. So at the recent D3 Expo in Anaheim the Walt Disney Company announced major changes designed around Disney characters and movies to bring people back to the parks.  read more »

Success Stories


Want your story to be a successful one? Start young.

For most people the age of 25 is spent in your first apartment, on your second hand furniture, with a job that barely pays the rent. For people such as Donald Trump, Steve Jobs and Martha Stewart, the story is a little different. So what were some of the most powerful people in the world doing when the rest of us were adjusting to post-college life?  read more »

A Love Connection


Thanks to the reaching power of social media, a long running joke is turning into the first date of a lifetime.

In 2014 Josh Avsec, a student at Ohio’s Kent State University messaged Michelle Arendas on the dating site Tinder. Two months later she wrote back telling him she was sorry for the delay and that her phone had died. Taking the brush off in stride he waited two months before responding, apologizing for his delay by saying he was in the shower.

The two of them have continued the joke for three years with responses always coming a few months apart. Some of their tongue in cheek excuses included having a busy president's day, waiting for their phone to become fully charged and homework.  read more »

Wedding Bell Woes


Wedding season is well underway; and now hundreds of brides find themselves looking for something to wear.

The bridal salon, Alfred Angelo is now speaking out after abruptly closing its doors, leaving brides all over the country without something new to wear on their big day. In a statement the company says quote “We apologize for the inconvenience and hardship resulting from this event. We appreciate your patience.”

The company, which had been around since the 1930's, filed for bankruptcy last week revealing that it had no more than $50,000 in assets but over $50 million in debt. It is now asking people concerned about wedding or bridesmaid dresses to contact the company's bankruptcy trustee Margaret Smith and ask about their shipment or a possible refund.  read more »

Automated Health Care


In today's world everything is automated, so why not health care?

Jason Bellet is one of the co-founders of Eko Devices a company that is finding ways to monitor your health from the comfort of your own home. They started Eko while seniors at UC Berkeley with the idea that the stethoscope, a tool used by doctors all over the world should be brought into the 21st century. Recently they launched a cardiac device that allows you to send your heart sounds straight to your doctor’s computer and avoid going into the office or hospital.  read more »

Celebrity Crushes


Is the current object of your affection a little out of your league? Thanks to a new dating app, your chances just got a lot better.

Do you have a giant crush on Brad Pitt or maybe you can't get enough of Heidi Klum, well now you could wake up to them every morning, sort of. The dating app Badoo now allows people to upload a picture of their favorite celebrity and find dates nearby that resemble the famous person they fancy.

Or maybe you have a thing for a married co-worker or can't forget your childhood crush, upload their picture and Badoo can make that dream a reality as well.  read more »



Consider yourself a generous tipper? If you're a man, a republican or you pay with a card you're probably right.

According to a new survey by those factors plus being a baby boomer or a resident of the northeast make you a good tipper. According to the survey people who fall into one or more of those categories leave an average tip of 20%. On the other hand democrats, women, people who live in the south and people who pay with cash are generally bad tippers, leaving an average of 15%.

The people you definitely want to sit in your section? Anyone making $75,000 a year or more, according to the survey this group tends to leave generous and frequent tips. And who do wait staff dread seeing come through the door? A large group of college age kids or younger.  read more »



It's getting a little crowded on Boston public transit, and now the city says it's time for certain passengers to close their legs.

Manspreading is a term that is being tossed around by transportation authorities in large cities. It is a word now sued to describe men who sit with their legs spread wide, making it hard for people to sit comfortably in the seat next to them. Now officials in Boston are taking action.  read more »