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Credit Score and Love Life


Want to have a great love life? Start with a high credit score.

According to a new survey just reported by Bloomberg Business, financial responsibility was ranked as a very or extremely important quality in a potential mate by 69% of 2,000 online daters. That high ranking placed financial responsibility ahead of a sense of humor at 67%, attractiveness at 51%, ambition at 50%, courage at 41% and modesty at 39%. And thanks to the internet or a friendly banker, it's a lot easier to find the credit score of a potential mate than to put a number on someone's sense of humor, courage or modesty.  read more »

A Bidding War


Two of the world's biggest automakers are joining forces and half of the country is competing to get in on the action.

Recently Toyota and Mazda announced the two companies were joining forces to build a $1.6 billion assembly plant here in the United States. The plant will employ 4,000 workers and would be located near Toyota’s existing supply chain. And since that supply chain is currently located from West Virginia through Kentucky, Indiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Texas, Midwestern and southern states are competing for the new business.

Experts say states covet plants such as this one because they typically pay above average wages and spin off jobs to nearby suppliers and service companies.  read more »

A New Ticketmaster

The world's largest online retailer could soon become your primary source of entertainment.

According to Reuters, four sources have confirmed that Amazon might be making a power play against Ticketmaster. Right now Ticketmaster, currently owned by Live Nation is the country's leader when it comes to selling tickets for a variety of events. Now Amazon is eyeing a window that would allow the Seattle based company to get a foot in the door.  read more »

Forbidden Places


No one likes being told they can't do something. But in some cases it just might save your life.

While most places on earth encourage the business from tourists there are a few locations where a select few will ever be welcome; and for good reason; maybe the climate is to extreme, the locals aren't very friendly or maybe the wildlife will kill you.  read more »

A New Art Critic


There's a new art critic in New York and he has four legs and a tail.

Former Washington Post art critic Jessica Dawson says she was at an exhibit with her rescue dog Rocky when she noticed how intently he was checking everything out. Unlike the people who were reading their phones, New York Times review or artist resume. But unfortunately for Rocky everything was a bit high on the wall for him to really see so Jessica decided to do something about it.

So she contacted the organizers of the exhibit Documenta to curate ten pieces of outdoor art for a three day experiment. All of the pieces were set up in a park and were strategically placed on a dog's eye level. Some were even interactive with dog bones or pools of water for the animals to play in.  read more »

The Worth of the Dollar


The American dollar is dropping and tourists are reaping the benefits.

Since the start of the year major currencies including the euro, British pound and Chinese yuan are gaining ground against the dollar which has seen a drop between 9 and 13%. And while the drop came too late for people to book a cheaper vacation, those who were already heading our way are cashing in.  read more »

Street for Sale

Presidio terrace.jpg

San Francisco might have some of the highest real estate prices in the country, but you can still buy an entire street for less than a hundred grand.

Presidio Terrace is a well-kept street sealed off by a gate in San Francisco’s Presidio Heights neighborhood. With palm trees and multi-million dollar mansions, homeowners over the years have included Senator Dianne Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi. Unfortunately for the high end residents their homeowners association has been failing to pay the $14 a year tax for the private street because the check had been going to the wrong address.  read more »

Driverless Cars and Graffiti


As the quest for driverless cars continues, there could be a new obstacle in the road.

While carmakers have been working on what to do if a driverless car is hacked, it seems there they're also facing a less high tech threat, graffiti. Researchers at the University of Washington have discovered that vandalism of a street sign can confuse driverless cars and cause a potentially dangerous situation.

In one example graffiti stickers were added to a stop sign so it read love, stop, hate. But the car misread this as a 45 mile per hour speed limit sign. In another example researchers printed a right turn sign with minor color changes and the car read it as a stop sign.  read more »

Knowing When to Quit

download (1).jpg

Want to know the secret to success? Become a quitter.

According to Entrepreneur Magazine there are two types of people those who know when to quit and those who have a hard time moving on. But experts say knowing when to quit something is an important skill, and not being able to recognize when to do it could be holding you back. So to help get you started on clearing out the clutter, Entrepreneur Magazine has identified six things you need to quit in order to become more successful.

First on the list is to quit doubting yourself. Confidence plays a huge role in success. If you want to reach the next level in your company you have to believe that you deserve it.  read more »

The Swastika


A t-shirt company tried to rewrite history to make a little money but customers weren’t buying.

Recently the online clothing retailer Teespring pulled shirts made by KA Design that feature swastikas. For centuries the swastika was a positive icon in the Buddhist and Hindu religions. Then during WWII it became the symbol of the Nazi party. Today the swastika is banned in Germany and considered a symbol of hate in America.

KA Design said it wanted to detach the hatred associated with it with designs showing a swastika on a rainbow background with the word peace below it. Another spells out the word love with a rainbow background and the “o” has been replaced with a swastika.  read more »