Fast Food Fat


Looks like more trouble for Chipotle, but this time instead of getting sick, customers are getting fat.

Last year the fast food Mexican chain was hit hard by an outbreak of E. coli that affected about 60 people in 13 states. Since being declared bacteria free the company has been trying to lure back customers with new menu items and more promotions. But it looks like the legal troubles aren't over with a handful of people in Los Angeles filing a lawsuit over what it calls false information.  read more »

Lyft's New Look


The ride sharing company Lyft is going for the clean shaven look.

When Uber's number one competitor launched passengers were able to see it coming thanks to the giant, pink, fuzzy mustache attached to the front of cars. Slowly that was edged out for a light up dash accessory dubbed the “glowstache.” Now the company is ditching the facial hair for something a little more high tech.  read more »

Luggage App


Worried your baggage may or may not take off without you? There's an app for that.

Considering there is an app for almost anything it seems that one to track your baggage when you fly is pretty late to the party. But earlier this week Delta Airlines rolled out the first high tech way to make sure you aren't stranded with nothing to wear.

According to WLS TV in Chicago the new tracking system includes a chip that is embedded into your luggage tag and contains all your information. The chip will get scanned as your bag is loaded onto a conveyor belt. If the bag is on the wrong belt, the chip will trigger the belt to stop moving and alert the worker that something is wrong.  read more »

Biggest Business Blunders


Samsung is dealing with the fallout of exploding phones and a movie about the Deepwater Horizon oil spill is about to hit theaters. But they aren't the only companies that have hit a rough patch.

MSN Money has put together a list of the top 15 biggest business blunders of all times. Everything from bad products to cringe worthy PR campaigns to monumental fails. For example, Starbucks and the “race together” campaign.  read more »

Holiday Shopping Hours


Toys “R” Us is opening its doors on Thanksgiving Day but not everyone is thankful for the early opportunity.

The retail toy giant has announced that it will open up for shopping at 5 PM on Thanksgiving Day and remain open until 11 PM on Black Friday. This will give people 30 full hours to cross some items off their holiday gift lists.  read more »

A Ride Sharing Lease


Looking to jump into the ride sharing business? How about a new ride to sweeten the deal?

Are you thinking about becoming an Uber driver but don't have a car? Or are you an existing Uber driver tried of strangers messing up your personal vehicle? General Motors might have a way to help.

The company is pairing up with Uber to provide better lease deals for drivers that use the car for ride sharing. The 90 day pilot program is being launched in the San Francisco bay area and will offer the Chevy Cruz, Malibu and Trax at a cost of $179 per week. Plus tax and insurance is included and there are no mileage restrictions.  read more »

Touring Scotland


Tourism is up for the country of kilts and bagpipes but it's not just the scenery bringing people in.

On a recent trip to Scotland I spoke with James Campbell, owner of a tour company. He says the country's economy is doing well, thanks in part to a surge in American tourists.

“More Americans are coming to Scotland, because they feel it's at the moment anyways a slightly safer place to travel to, they feel like they are welcomed with open arms, people are very friendly to them and they get great service.”

But besides safety and kindness tourists are also heading there for a little personal history.  read more »

Chocolate Changes


The maker of Toblerone is changing its iconic candy bar and it’s leaving chocolate lovers with a bitter taste.

Toblerone is widening the spaces in its triangle shaped bars which means candy fans are getting ten percent less product for the same price they were paying before. The company says the move is necessary to cope with higher prices for ingredients; but instead of raising the price of the candy bar it opted for the solution of offering up less chocolate.

Customers are not happy with the changes with one person saying the bar used to look like the Swiss Alps but now it’s a bit more like Holland. Others say the candy bar, often linked to travel, is a tradition and the company should find another way to cut back. But the company says no can do.  read more »

The Worst Airports


Looking to fly the friendly skies? There are a few stops you might want to avoid.

Traveling, especially during the upcoming holiday season can take its toll on people. So why not try and upgrade your vacation starting with, the airport. So if you happen to be planning a trip and have some choice about where it starts and ends, the website The Points Guy has made that choice a little easier to make.  read more »

Election and Stocks


Most pollsters wrongly predicted Donald Trump would lose. And they were not the only so called experts to get it wrong.

Much has been said about all those professional political pundits, pollsters and prognosticators who totally misread the political election, after Donald Trump won on Tuesday. But they are not alone. In the final days leading up to the election, many Wall Street analysts and talking heads on financial news shows predicted the stock market could face a 5, 10 or even 15% decline in the days and weeks following a Trump victory.  read more »