Fast Paced Technology


Technology is changing the world but it means more than just updating your software.

These days most of the big companies are racing to be the first to get driverless cars on the road. I recently spoke to John Chen, CEO and executive chairman at Blackberry about the technology. Right now Blackberry's technology is inside the dashboard of 60 million cars. Chen says while the idea is exciting there are some road blocks.

“The biggest threat to autonomous driven car is the one that is not autonomous meaning that you have a bunch of cars governed by computer driving by itself and then all of a sudden you have a couple cars that are not and human error will intrude on that infrastructure.”

In addition, everything else will have to be upgraded to keep up with the times.  read more »

Find My iPhone


The find my iPhone app is going from a security feature to a full on crime fighting tool.

This is the final weekend of the Coachella music festival held in Indio, California. With thousands of people converging on one spot the probability of a little trouble is likely but this year Apple helped solve one big problem.

Last weekend dozens of people began reporting that their phones were being stolen. So a couple of people started logging on to the “Find My iPhone App” and soon noticed that they were all being sent in the same direction. Right to a 36-year-old man from New York. The party goers then started following him around the grounds, watching him pick a few more pockets until police arrived and detained him.  read more »

Cold Emails


Emailing someone for the first time, here are a couple quick tips to avoid the spam folder.

When you want to move up in the world they say it's not what you know but who you know. But in some cases you might not know them quite yet. Enter the cold email, the first time you are making contact with someone you are hoping will respond. Liz Wessel is a CEO with Wayup and a former employee with Google who says she loves to cold email people and has learned a couple tricks to get a response.  read more »

Books For Life


Feel like your life needs a guidebook, here are a few suggestions.

Whether your career is just beginning, needs a jump start or is just beginning, chances are someone else has been there and they've written about it. So to help you tackle the professional challenges that you might be facing Business Insider has found the best books to get you through every stage of your career. And there's a good chance they might shed a little light on the situation since the authors in question include psychologists, career coaches and Ivy League professors.  read more »

Apple's New Gig


Apple is branching out from your favorite hand held gadget to the open road.

Earlier this week the Silicon Valley power house secured a permit to begin testing self-driving cars in California. According to state officials the permit allows the company to conduct test drives in three Lexus cars with six drivers. Experts say while Apple has yet to confirm the rumors about a self-driving car the latest maneuvers are fueling speculation. And while it might not be an entire car this could mean Apple is looking at software of hardware associated with the self-driving technology.  read more »

Blackberry's Comeback


Apple and Samsung might be headlining the battle of the smartphone, but there's another contender waiting in the wings.

The Blackberry was one of the first devices to let you access your email and the internet from the palm of your hand. And according to CEO and executive chairman John Chen they might have been forgotten, but they certainly aren't gone.

“We do a lot better now than 3 years ago, obviously 3 years ago we were troubled, very challenged but somewhat exaggerated I mean dead is somewhat exaggerated but it's coming back in a good way.”

Chen says the company has licensed the hardware to other companies while maintaining control of the software.  read more »

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Talent Hoarding


Are you good at your job? Turns out your success might be bad for business.

Ever heard of the term talent hoarding? According to recruitment companies talent hoarding is when your manager realizes how good your potential is and refuses to promote you or transfer you for fear of losing what you offer. And while the idea might be flattering experts say it can be bad for both you and the company.

For the employee, it stifles their growth and they miss out on the opportunity to learn more about the company, pick up a new skill or worse; earn a few extra dollars. Then when the employee does wise up they tend to just leave the company altogether which means that company just lost a hard worker.  read more »

Silicon Beach


Looks like Silicon Valley is branching off, and the new real estate has ocean front views.

There is a four mile stretch of beachfront property that runs from surrounds Venice and Santa Monica that is being dubbed “Silicon Beach.” The area is already home to Snapchat's parent company Snap and now eager young entrepreneurs are considering heading south away from Northern California’s bustling Silicon Valley.  read more »

Max Motor Dreams


Nothing soothes an upset baby better than a car ride. Now Ford might have a way for new parents to take a spin around the block from the comfort of their own bed.

For most babies a car ride is a fail-safe when it comes to falling asleep; so Ford has come up with the Max Motor Dreams; a crib that simulates the gentle hum and vibrations of a moving car. According to Ford new parents lose an average of 44 days of sleep in the first year of their child's life. So the company created a product that looks like your standard crib, but thanks to a smartphone app is so much more.  read more »

Airline Quality


The quality of U.S. airlines is improving; but not everyone is getting on board with the new numbers.

Earlier this week the annual report on the quality of U.S. airlines was released by researchers at Wichita State and Embryriddle Aeronautical University. The report stated that airlines are getting better at sticking to their schedules, fewer bags are getting lost and fewer passengers are lodging complaints. But recent events might tell a different story.  read more »