The Golden Years


Every day we work towards retirement, but for some people the golden years need a little more color.

Tony La Russa is a former baseball player and team manager currently serving as executive chief baseball analyst and advisor for Arizona Diamondbacks. He is also the co-founder of the bay area based Animal Rescue Foundation, and technically he's retired.

“I just think it's foolish unless you have something where you're going to retire and get busy doing.”

La Russa says while he has had a lot of success both pre and post retirement, he rode into the hall of fame on the coat tails of other successful people.  read more »



There's a new form of hydration on the market and the company is hoping it makes a splash.

Skipping Rocks Lab is a London based company that makes small, transparent spheres filled with regular or flavored water. Called Ooho the balls, which have a jelly like substance made up of plant and seaweed extract that can be eaten but also naturally decomposes after four to six weeks.

The company says the idea behind the water bubbles was to provide a solution to the high number of plastic water bottles that do not break down and are clogging up the country's landfills. A report filed last month said more than 4,000 plastic bottles were removed from the river Thames in a four week period.  read more »

Adulting School


Think life is where all the good lessons are learned? Think again.

A new school in Maine is offering online classes to millennials on how to be an adult and do basic things such as change a tire, fold a fitted sheet or balance a checkbook. A co-founder of the Adulting School says millennials, people born from the early 1980's to early 2000's are often lacking skills that most people pick up on their own.

Instead they are focusing so much attention on getting into a good college they are missing out on the simple things such as opening a bank account and signing a lease. Then then they actually get into said college and move away from home the trials and tribulations of the real world can be overwhelming.  read more »

A Clean Public Bathroom


There's a new public bathroom open in New York City; and it's anything but a dump.

When you think public bathroom, you think concrete walls, a lack of toilet paper and a constant odor; especially if that bathroom is in the middle of one of the country's most populated cities. But this public bathroom is nice, so nice that it might even put yours at home to shame.

The bathroom which features air conditioning, fresh flowers and imported tiles recently opened behind the New York public library in Manhattan. After a $300,000 renovation people who just have to go can enjoy LED lighting, art by local artists and self-flushing toilets and sinks.  read more »

Healthy School Lunches


It looks like the menu at your child's school might be changing, again.

There's a new chef in the kitchen and it looks like a few elements of Michelle Obama’s healthy eating initiative aren't making the cut. Earlier this week President Trump's Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue announced a new rule that would provide regulatory flexibility to schools without specifying what the exact changes would be. Nevertheless the School Nutrition Association is applauding the roll back.  read more »

The President's Tax Plan


President trump just marked one hundred days in office and the critiques are coming in.

Earlier this week the president brought up the idea of raising the federal gas tax, something that has not been raised since 1993. And like most of the president's proposal reaction is mixed. I recently spoke with John Chen, CEO and executive chairman of Blackberry who says the president's overall tax plan is a good one, and should have been tackled sooner.  read more »

Google Earth


Feel like taking a dream vacation, just turn on your computer.

Maybe you can't afford to trek around the world or maybe you want to scope things out before your schedule your next trip? Either way Google Earth is unveiling a new update that will take you anywhere you want to go, without leaving the comfort of your own home.

One of the new features is called Voyager, which presents you with dozens of curated journeys around the world. Each voyage is centered on a main theme. For example, museums around the world will give you a street view of 28 of the most popular museums ranging from a small tourist attraction in Spain to the Met in New York.

To check out the new features for yourself click the link below.  read more »

The Most Eligible Bachelor


A dating app, best known for casual connections is now the last hope of an entire species.

Sudan is the world's last male northern white rhino and his profile has just been uploaded to Tinder in the hopes of finding a mate and repopulating the planet. The wildlife conservancy in Kenya where Sudan lives says the 43-year-old rhino and his last two companions were unable to breed naturally because of issues related to age. Now the wildlife park and Tinder are joining forces in a campaign called “the most eligible bachelor in the world.”  read more »

The Flying Car


The future is here; and it's come in the form of a flying car.

At a Monaco car show last week the company Aeromobil unveiled its version of the flying car. The light framed plane has insect like retractable wings that can fold back and is boosted by a hybrid engine and rear propeller.  read more »

International Ideas

station f.jpg

Entrepreneurs are looking for a new home and they've set their sights on a surprising place.

Paris, the home of art, history and wine is now becoming a popular location for people looking to launch the next big start-up or app. Earlier this month the doors opened on a new incubator called Station F. The Paris location is being billed as the world's largest ecosystem for people looking to sharpen their skills and streamline their ideas. It will be a 336,000 square foot space that can help launch one thousand startups.  read more »