Mistress Hunters


Do you have the power of persuasion? Your skills could be put to the test in China.

Desperate men and women in China are hiring mistress hunters to put an end to suspected transgressions. They are trained professionals, sent undercover to accidentally meet and coerce the third party to put an end to the affair.

The mistress hunters generally work in a team. First there are the trained therapists that sort out the conflict in the marriage and try to maintain it. Then there are the mistress hunters, usually people with a background in psychology or sociology, who persuade the extra person in your marriage to cut the ties.  read more »

Taxes Up and Down


Just when you thought your taxes will go down under President Trump, along comes a way to stifle your enthusiasm.

President Trump wants big tax cuts on corporations and individuals. Now some enterprising state and local politicians are hoping to create new ways to take your tax savings back. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the city's board of supervisors will vote next week on a resolution urging the California legislature to amend state law to allow cities and local governments to impose personal and corporate income taxes.  read more »

You're Fired


A lot of people are fired and while some people think it's unfair, others definitely deserved it.

Sometimes its money, sometimes there is someone more qualified for your job, maybe your company is downsizing, whatever the reason there are many people who have found themselves at the end of the unemployment line. But according to MSN Money there are those that are just asking to be shown the door.  read more »



Need a moment to yourself? There's an app for that.

Have you ever been right in the middle of a big project or trying to finish a pile of paperwork when one of your co-workers tries to strike up a conversation? Or maybe you just have that one person around the office who likes to come by and make small talk at the worst time. Now there's Nope, the app to save you from workplace distractions.

All you have to do is install the extension for Google’s chrome browser and save your cell phone numbers. Then the next time someone just won't take the hint you press the giant “nope” button on the browser and a call is placed to your cell phone. When you answer, a 60 second audio file is played and in that time hopefully anyone hovering around has wandered away.  read more »

An Early Career Start


Two Jersey boys are making some early career strides, and it comes with extra cheese and pepperoni.

Ten-year-old Nicholas Testa and his 12-year-old brother Michael are the sons of Carmine, owner of Carmine's Pizza Factory in Jersey City. From an early age the boys would go to work with their dad while their mom stayed home to take care of their baby sister. So to pass the time the boys began learning how to spin pizza dough.

Now their part time hobby has gone viral. Recently their dad uploaded a video of them practicing with a rubber pizza which has now been shared more than 200,000. The boys say they spend hours practicing and can now perform a variety of tricks, even while blindfolded.  read more »

Mom Proms

MOMPROM - Purple.jpg

Prom season is right around the corner, but you don't have to be in high school to join the party.

Betsy Crapps is the founder of a Detroit based event called Mom Prom. For about ten years, Betsy has been getting friends together for a night of dancing to benefit a selected charity. And to top it off party-goers are encouraged to wear those dresses destined for the back of the closet. Items such as old wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and even your original prom dress.  read more »

Fake News

fake news.jpg

During the presidential election Facebook came under fire for posting articles that might not have been completely accurate. Now the social media giant is working to restore its reputation.

Back in December Facebook promised to roll out a disputed tag that users could click on stories they questioned. That tag would then link to fact checking services that would then explain why the story was not true. This week the disputed tags began appearing.

One of the first stories flagged was about President Trump's android device being the source of reported White House leaks. But if you click the disputed tag it explains that the source of the story is the Seattle Tribune which is a news and entertainment satire website.  read more »

Going Old School


As technology continues to evolve, one company is hoping a little nostalgia might bring in some buyers.

Earlier this week the Nokia 3310, a model that's been out of date for a decade was relaunched by HMD Global. The new colorful version of everyone's first cell phone was debuted at an expo in Barcelona. It costs just over $50 and is being called a feature phone which means it doesn't have the capabilities of a smartphone. It is however upgraded from what you remember, meaning it now has a camera, color screen and MP3 player.  read more »

Troll Defense


The internet is an open platform but not everything needs to be shared.

Thanks to social media and comment sections everyone with an opinion is now able to share it online. Unfortunately not all of those opinions should be shared and in some cases can be rude or cruel to whoever they are directed at. Now Google is stepping in with a new tool to keep internet trolls under the bridge where they belong.  read more »

Before They Were World Leaders


Think you have to be born into a life of power and wealth to earn a little prestige, think again.

Everybody has to start somewhere, and yes that includes the leaders of some of the most powerful countries in the world. So if you think your job flipping burgers isn't going anywhere, MSN Money has put together a list of former jobs of world leaders to prove you wrong.  read more »