Airbnb Expansion


Airbnb is looking to expand its services from giving you a place to stay, to getting you where you're going.

According to Bloomberg, Airbnb is planning to release a flight banking tool that will allow users to book a flight and secure a temporary home all within the confines of its website. The company says it hopes to get things off the ground within eighteen months and is still looking at a number of options for a successful launch.

So far those include acquiring an online travel agency or license data from a secondary provider. Once up and running Airbnb will be a direct competitor for companies such as Expedia which also allows people to book a hotel and flight from one site.  read more »

Fake Holiday Gifts


First there was fake news and now your holiday shopping list is facing some hijinks.

During the presidential election there were reports that fake news reports and stories were popping up on social media and potentially swaying the voting population. And now as you start picking up presents for your loved ones watch out for fake gift ideas that aren't really what they seem.  read more »

Final Thoughts


Need to get a few things off your chest at work? Consider the exit interview.

After thirty five years on the job Michael Stuben was one last questionnaire away from retiring from his job at the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission. But there were a few final thoughts he wanted to share and instead of directing them to HR, he sent them to two thousand of his colleagues.

He said that for 30 years he enjoyed his job, but the past five had become unbearable. He says the department had become too political and it was all about who you know instead of what you know. He says positions were being created for people who didn't know what they were doing and people were hired off the streets when more qualified people were already at the company.  read more »

High Tech Travel Gift Ideas


Looking for the perfect gift for the travel junkie in your life? Consider going high tech.

To help you pick the perfect gift for your favorite globe trotter Yahoo Tech has put together a list of the nine best gifts to help make their next trip a little easier. For example a carry-on bag with four wheels and a removable battery inside.

The battery allows you to charge your smartphone with the two USB ports under the handle. The bag also has an app that shows you how much battery power you have left and uses GPS to locate your bag in case it goes missing. The bag's app can also tell you how much your luggage weighs just in case you need to check it.  read more »

Disney After Dark


Once again Disney World is going dark, and it’s hoping the second time is the charm.

At the beginning of the year Disney World launched a new event called Disney After Hours which allowed access to more than two dozen attractions for three hours after the park closed. Tickets cost just under $150 each but after seven consecutive nights of low attendance the event came to a quiet end.

Now the park is trying again with Disney After Dark. A three hour, after hour’s event that will be held on select nights beginning early next year. Ticket prices have also dropped $30 which park officials hope will give the event a better chance of succeeding.  read more »

Mental Health


They say money doesn't buy happiness, and it turns out they might be right.

According to a team of researchers at the London School of Economics most human misery can be blamed on failed relationships and health rather than money problems and poverty. One of the purposes of the report was to determine what a country's government should focus on in order to keep its residents happy.

It found that eliminating depression and anxiety would reduce misery by 20% compared to just 5% if officials focused on poverty. The study, called "origins of happiness" was done using data from four countries including the U.S. and Germany.  read more »

An Alcohol Fueled Comeback


Barnes and noble is looking to make a comeback, and it's using a little liquid courage.

The bookstore Barnes and Noble has had a bit of trouble competing with online retailers such as Amazon but it has a new plan to win back customers, booze! The retailer has opened four new concept stores that will have an expanded food menu and serve beer and wine. The first to open was the store in Eastchester New York, followed by Minnesota, Folsom, California and one in Virginia.

Company executives say they are also looking at expanding the sale of toys, gifts and vinyl records. They say they are focusing on making someone's trip to Barnes and Noble an actual experience, something you can't get while shopping online.  read more »

Starting Over


For years you work towards retirement, but maybe you need a plan B.

Joe Bartley is an 89-year-old army veteran living in Britain. Recently he placed an ad asking for employment. The ad read “senior citizen seeks employment, twenty plus hours per week. Still able to clean, light gardening and do it yourself.”

The ad received so much attention that local media asked Bartley the reason behind it. He says his wife died two years ago and he now lives in a senior living center. He says he goes to the center's community area but no one's there and when he goes home he has no one to talk to. In short, Bartley is bored out of his mind.  read more »

Flying Facts


They say the less you know the better; especially at 37,000 feet.

Tis the season to travel and MSN Lifestyle is making sure you're fully informed before you put your seat back and tray table in the full and upright position. For example, did you know that the air you breathe inside the plane is air from the engine? According to MSN's list the oxygen you breathe is pressurized from the engines with 25% going to the cockpit and the rest being circulated on the plane.

Here's another secret for you; the bathroom doors can be unlocked from the outside. According to a flight attendant there is a hidden mechanism behind the no smoking sign on the back doors that can slide the lock to open in case of a real emergency.  read more »

Monetary Goodwill


It's the season of good cheer and for some people in Wyoming the feel good moments are coming in the form of a few bucks.

2016 hasn't been the best year for a lot of people. In fact some would go so far as to call it one of the worst in history. From the Zika virus to Brexit to a never-ending presidential election the hits just kept coming. Add to that the deaths of people such as Prince and David Bowie and 2017 can't come fast enough.  read more »