Everyone needs a little help, even if they can't ask for it.

Tony La Russa is chief baseball analyst for the Arizona Diamondbacks and co-founder of the Animal Rescue Foundation.

“The story begins when I married Elaine and we had been married for a while and we had this incredible love and concern and compassion for animals. There were thousands upon thousands to millions being euthanized because you couldn't find a home and all the public facilities were overwrought and could only do so much.”

In 1990 La Russa was managing the Oakland A's when a stray cat ran out onto the field and hid in the dugout. The next day animal control said they would have to put the cat down because there was no money to shelter it.  read more »



Planning your summer trip? There are a few destinations that won't be rolling out the welcome mat.

While you might be excited for your next destination, the people that call that place home might not be happy to see you. Because despite the money you filter into the local economy, some tourist hot spots are happier staying off the map. So to help figure out where you won't be feeling very welcome MSN Lifestyle has a list of the eight places around the world that hate tourists the most.  read more »

Avocados and Home Sales


Young people are struggling to find a home, and a taste for avocado might be partly to blame.

It's no secret that the price of homes all over the country have skyrocketed. What you could have bought for $600,000 twenty years ago will get you a condo the size of a large walk in closet today. And the struggle is especially real for first time home buyers who last year made up only 32% of purchases; the lowest number since 1987.  read more »

Post College Paychecks


Graduation season is here and after years of hitting the books, it might be time to hit the road.

It's time to put your degree to work and for a lot of graduates that's going to mean packing up and moving away from your college town or the city your grew up. Experts say unless you have a great opportunity already lined up in your dream spot you need to go where the jobs are. And to help you find your way, the employment website Monster has compiled a list of the best and worst cities for job seekers based on the number of positions currently available.  read more »



Police officers might get a new tool to help investigate a crash scene; your cell phone.

Lawmakers in New York are considering legislation that would allow police officers to begin using a device that is being dubbed the breathalyzer for phones. It works by allowing police officers to determine whether any of the drivers involved in a crash had been texting, swiping or clicking anything on their phone at the time of impact.

Critics say this is a privacy issue because every fender bender will allow police officers to access your private information. They say this could be dangerous because a lot of people contain their whole lives on their phones. But the people behind the device say it's designed only to access usage and that a person's data will be safe and remain private.  read more »

Play Ball


Baseball is America’s favorite pastime and it doesn't come cheap.

According to a 2016 study by Major League Baseball the average cost of attending a baseball game for two people is just under $78. That includes the tickets, hot dogs, beer and parking. The least expensive stadium to catch a game is the Angels stadium in Anaheim with the most expensive being the home of the Boston Red Sox. Tony La Russa is chief baseball analyst and advisor for the Arizona Diamondbacks. He says part of the cost goes to player salaries and the players need to remember that.  read more »



Looking for that special someone? Try hitting the gym.

There's a dating app for farmers, one for clowns and one for bacon lovers and now Gymder is searching for love among the protein filled cardio loving gym rats. Self-described as a mix between Instagram and Tinder Gymder is designed to unite the health conscious single people of the world. You download the app, create a profile and like Tinder, the app shows you all the users that are in your vicinity and how to contact them.

The next move is yours. But tread carefully, not everyone on there might be looking for love. Gymder is declaring itself a platform for fitness. It says users can find workout buddies at the local gym, share tips about nutrition and find someone who also enjoys healthy living.  read more »

Going Viral


Have outrageous demands for a major company? Take to social media.

These days there are no shortage of ways to get your point, question, message or comment to anyone or any corporation you're trying to reach. Take the recent efforts of Nevada teenager Carter Wilkerson for example. On April 5th the 16-year-old tweeted Wendy’s asking how many re-tweets it would take to get free chicken nuggets for one year. The fast food chain replied 18 million to which Carter responded consider it done.

Then he got to work tweeting the story with the message “help me please.” And the ploy worked. His story quickly went viral and in just a couple weeks he was re-tweeted more than 3.4 million time, breaking the record of most re-tweets held by talk show host Ellen DeGeneres.  read more »

Luxury On The Rails


There's a new form of luxury travel in Japan and it's going back to the rails.

A Japanese company has just launched a new luxury sleeper train for people to travel from one end of the country to the other. Appealing to travelers with a little extra money in their vacation fund, the train has sky views, bathtubs and dark wood interior. It costs $10,000 per person for a four day trip from Tokyo to Hokkaido, a price that includes the ferry transfer between islands.  read more »

Celebrity Aid


Need help paying for college, turn to your favorite pop star.

Last weekend rapper Nicki Minaj tweeted that she would pay the airfare from any country if her fans won a contest to hang out with her at the upcoming Billboard awards. In response one fan, a 21-year-old college student working two jobs tweeted back “well you wanna pay my tuition?”

In minutes the rapper was hit with a number of other responses from people asking for financial aid for things such as books and paying back student loans. And Minaj responded telling them she would be happy to help if they showed her proof through a direct message that they were in need of financial help and they had strong grades.  read more »