Eko Duo Device


A revolutionary new device is taking health care out of your doctor's office and into your home.

“For the first time in history physicians can actually do a cardiac exam from their patient's bedside while they're sitting at the hospital.”

Jason Bellet is co-founder of Eko Devices. A company, based in the San Francisco bay area that first got attention for a blue tooth stethoscope attachment that tracks and logs your heart beat. Now the company has received FDA clearance for a new device called the Eko Duo Device.  read more »

A Diamond's History


Diamonds are forever and so is their history.

Marc Fink is CEO and chairman of Fink's Jewelers. I recently spoke with him about the issue of conflict diamonds and online sales. Conflict diamonds are mined in war zones and sold to finance a warlord's activity. Fink says all reputable jewelers are part of the Kimberly Process which requires every person in the supply chain to certify their diamonds conflict free. A process that will be notified in a customer's invoice. Fink says a reputable jewelry store is always a safe bet but today a lot of people are going online.  read more »

Slow Cooked Fast Food

fast food.jpg

Fast food companies are taking consumers behind the scenes to reveal just how fast their food really is.

Most people assume when they pull up to a drive thru window their burger and fries are being pulled off a conveyor line and slapped in a to-go bag. Now some of the biggest names in quick meals are working to dispel that opinion.

McDonald’s has announced that it plans to start using fresh beef in its burgers. Restaurants such as Burger King and KFC are moving towards all white meat chicken and chicken free of any antibiotics.  read more »

Tech Friendly Travel


It's a long weekend and the summer travel season is in full swing so why not get a little tech savvy when you plan your next trip.

Gone are the days of a travel agent and maps that need to be re-folded. Now when you plan a trip there are endless apps that can help make it one to remember from start to finish. And to help navigate your way through all the apps out there, Travel and Leisure Magazine has put together a list of the 50 new travel apps of the year.  read more »

Binge Watching Facebook


Facebook wants to take your relationship to the next level from friend zone to your personal form of entertainment.

According to the Wall Street Journal Facebook is in talks with Hollywood to live stream original content on the site. In meetings with talent agencies the social media giant said it is willing to commit to production budgets as high as $3 million per episode.

Facebook says it wants to target audiences from ages 13 to 34 with a focus on the 17 to 30 range. It also wants to release episodes in a more traditional matter such as one a week instead of dropping an entire season like Netflix and Amazon do.  read more »

Giving Back the Green


A golf legend is gone, but long lived for the good of the game.

Sandy Tatum is revered in golf circles for a lifetime dedicated to the betterment of golf. He was the first American Rhodes Scholar to play at Oxford, then succeeded as a corporate attorney in Silicon Valley. But when not doing business deals, he was promoting the game he loved, serving as President of the U.S. Golf Association and raising money to renovate public courses.

When I interviewed Tatum in 2011 he was recovering from an operation on his vocal cords that left him with a raspy voice, but he still played three times a week.  read more »

Underage Cell Phone Use


It's hard to find a teenager without a cell phone, now one Colorado man is working to make sure the two stay disconnected.

Tim Farnum is the founder of the nonprofit group “Parents Against Underage Smartphones.” He is leading the charge on a ballot initiative in Colorado that would be the first of its kind in the country. If passed it would ban the sale of smartphones to children under the age of 13 and yes that would include parents looking to do the purchasing for their tweens.

It would work by requiring retailers to submit reports to the state government verifying that they had inquired about who each smartphone sold was going to be used by. Any retailer that repeatedly sold a smartphone with an under 13 user would be fined.  read more »

Grand Theft Avocado


Three California produce workers are facing charges in what police are calling grand theft avocado.

Over the past couple of months a shortage of avocados from Mexico has caused prices of the super fruit to almost double. In addition to that, the heat wave and drought in California also hurt production adding to the increase in prices.

According to Bloomberg the wholesale price of a box of avocados is more than double what it was a year ago and prices are expected to remain high until later this year.  read more »

High Flying Chicken


KFC is unveiling a new sandwich, and it's literally out of this world.

Right now the zinger chicken sandwich is hovering at the edge of space somewhere between seven and 30 miles off the ground. The sandwich space flight is a joint experiment between KFC and the private spaceflight company World View. The sandwich is housed in a KFC shaped container and will be on the trip for four days. During that time it will take a selfie, gather information about the environment before returning to Earth.  read more »

Amazon and Whole Foods


Amazon is getting into the grocery business and your next shopping list could be a lot more high tech.

The online retail giant Amazon has announced its intention to buy the health food chain Whole Foods for $13.7 billion. Now, you can imagine a world where a drone delivers your organic sugar so you can whip up some treats for your child's class or provide you with all the ingredients you need for dinner while Alexa reads you the recipe.  read more »