Self-Centered Voters


Perhaps we all have a bit of selfishness in us when it comes to electing politicians and approving or disapproving costly ballot measures. But a new survey shows just how badly it hurts our ability to govern responsibly.

According to a California Field Poll released last week, 67 percent of registered voters supported reducing the state’s enormous budget deficit of $42 billion with spending cuts but no tax increases. Going a step further, 70 percent of voters favor a two-thirds vote by the Legislature to pass any new taxes.

But here’s where the public shows its misunderstanding of basic math.  read more »

Simply the Best


You might be happy with where you live but did it make the list of the world's best?

According to a Businessweek Report on the Mercer Consultings Annual Quality of Living Survey, Europe is once again at the top of the list of the world's best places to live. The list is composed of two hundred and fifteen countries ranked in order of quality of life, and once again European countries are stacked in the top spots with Vienna, Zurich and Geneva making up the top three.  read more »

Desperate Times


It's no secret that times are tough and people are doing what they can to save their pennies or earn some extra money. Its survival of the fittest at its best and here are a couple examples of those fighting tooth and nail to hit the top of the food chain.

First up a tale of determination. In New York City a cow named Molly has earned herself a new lease on life after managing to escape from a slaughterhouse. New York police say the all black cow got away from Musa Hala Incorporated last week, a slaughterhouse where animals are butchered according to religious restrictions. Molly wandered about a mile before being captured by emergency services and sent to the cities animal care and control unit. Now city officials are looking at placing her at a farm sanctuary to live out her life.  read more »

Executive Networking

Social networking sites are designed to connect you to people but what about connecting you with the right job?

Molly Wendell is CEO of Executives Network, a company she started to teach people how to network their way to their next job. When Molly found herself looking for work after fifteen years as a Marketing Executive she started the job search by looking at job boards and sending out her resume. But Molly soon noticed that there weren't many managment level positions posted so after an unsuccessful year and no job offers she began reaching out to old contacts and building up her network. Soon she had received thirty serious job offers within ninety days. Wendell says being a great networker can get your foot in all the right doors.  read more »

Remembering Jack Kemp, the “Happy Warrior”

Kemp picture.JPG

I have been reading and watching news reports about the untimely passing of former Congressman and pro football great Jack Kemp for the past week. He’s received so much mostly favorable coverage that I felt compelled to share my own experiences.

All that coverage has indeed been richly earned. If ever a politician deserved the nickname “Happy Warrior”, it was Jack Kemp. Just typing his name brings a smile to my face.

I first interviewed the Congressman at the 1984 Republican convention in Dallas, where he was scheduled to speak in support of nominating Ronald Reagan to a second term as President.
Eager for a one-on-one for CBS News Radio before the speech, I found his hotel room number and knocked on his door.  read more »

Profiting From Possible Pandemic

surgical masks.jpg

The swine flu epidemic has millions of people worldwide worried for their lives. But some criminals are more concerned about simply lining their pockets.

Mexico City is being called ground zero for the swine flu outbreak. And while Mexican officials lowered their swine flu alert in the capital city today, most citizens are still being cautious. It has become a common sight to see people walking the streets wearing blue surgical masks.

But the survival technique is now being used by thieves in Mexico City to hide their faces as they steal watches from department stores. Employees and security guards at Sanborns department store said the thieves were able to slip into the store last weekend and blend in with the masked shoppers.  read more »

Restaurant Survival

In todays weak economy, consumers are cutting back on frills such as eating out. Not good news for restaurants hoping to fill their tables.

At the recent Pebble Beach Food and Wine Festival sponsored by American Express I talked with Roy Yamaguchi, Head Chef and Founder of Roy's popular restaurant group about how he views the recession. Yamaguchi says its all about location.

"For us we have locations in a lot of different cities so some of the cities of course have taken a bigger hit than others. For instance in Honolulu our restaurants are still doing quite well but on Maui with the failure of two airlines and the lack of tourism on that island our business is tremendously down."  read more »

High Price for High Flying Photo-Op

air force one manhattan.jpg

I never cease to be amazed at just how creative our government can be when spending our taxpayer money. And Monday’s flight by the Presidential 747 over lower Manhattan is the perfect example.

By now you’ve no doubt heard that the White House Military Office authorized the flyover, complete with Air Force fighter jet escort, to take publicity shots of the Presidents plane with the New York skyline as a picture-perfect backdrop. There have been other photos taken in the past, such as one while Air Force One was flying over Mount Rushmore.  read more »

Stand Up For Short Meetings


Ever wonder why so many meetings take so long? It’s because you are comfortably sitting down.

Whether at the office or organizing a local charity event, everyone gets some coffee or a strong drink and finds a good seat. You may grab that front seat if you’re an activist. Or a good seat for you may be near the door in case you need a quick escape route.

But if you want to shorten that meeting dramatically, do it standing up. That’s right. And you will be amazed at how more productive it will be. Here’s how I know.  read more »

Recession Eating

jacques and claudine.jpg

The state of the economy has devastated many industries but what about food. Can the restaurant business survive this recession?

At last weeks Pebble Beach Food and Wine Festival sponsored by American Express, French Chef and TV personality Jacques Pepin told me that while the food business is doing fine now it the time for more people to learn their way around a kitchen.

"I think the business of food is as great if not greater than it has ever been even with the recession. Actually it may be a catalyst for people to cook even their own stuff, or do a little gardening or cook at home and this is less expensive than any restuarant."

His daughter Claudine Pepin is also a chef and says one thing her father forgets is that business depends on talent.  read more »