Apple’s World Is Indeed Flat

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When New York Times reporter Tom Friedman wrote his best-selling book “The World is Flat” back in 2005, he documented how technology was fundamentally changing the way we live and work.

In doing so, he showed how, in his words, “the convergence of technology and events allowed India, China and so many other countries to become part of the global supply chain for services and manufacturing, creating an explosion of wealth in the middle classes of the world’s two biggest nations, giving them a huge new stake in the success of globalization”.  read more »

A Merry Christmas for Retailers?

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Last year consumers held back on Christmas holiday splurges, thanks to the raging recession. But this year the hint of an economic turnaround is in the air and that may bode well for a happier holiday.

A survey just released by the market research firm, Information Resources Incorporated, finds that seventy seven percent of shoppers will splurge on a gift for the holidays, even if their pockets remain a little pinched.

Thom Blischok, President of consulting and innovation for the firm, says research data shows a ray of consumer optimism. Blischok says last year saw a complete retrenchment. People were very stingy about how much they spent. That certainly showed in the numbers, with retailers calling the last holiday season the worst in nearly four decades.  read more »

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A Make or Break Moment

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Greeting Congress just back from summer recess last night was President Obama, giving them an unprecedented one-topic State of the Union style address under the capital dome, designed to save his critically ill health care plan.

Media pundits called it the most important address of the Obama presidency, saying health care reform will die without his taking charge of the patient. But that is a big change from the Administrations earlier decision to avoid the failures of the Clinton administration by letting Congress write the first draft.  read more »

Senior Felons


Crime is on the rise in Tokyo. And police have tracked the problem to the seedy and secretive underbelly of Japan, found in the nations senior centers.

Tokyo police are trying to rein in a recent surge of shoplifting. And the officials say the culprits are lonely, elderly citizens. In a recent police survey one out of four elderly shoplifters blamed their crime on loneliness and another eight percent say it’s because they have no reason to live.

So police in Japan’s capital city are trying to steer the lonely and elderly into community service programs in hopes that instead of increased punishment, the shoplifters can be rehabilitated with special care.  read more »

Avoiding the Job Scam


Financial experts and the Federal Reserve say the end is near when it comes to the recession. But millions of people are still looking for work and your job search might be doing you more harm than good.

There are currently 13 states with a double digit unemployment rate. And as these numbers get higher the threat of scams against job seekers also rises. The Better Business Bureau says with so many people out of work scammers have a bigger field of suckers to select from and as a person's financial situtation worsens the bigger a target they become.  read more »

Your Bank in Your Hand


The Apple I-Phone has already become your radio, television, computer and telephone. And the best may yet to be. Imagine the convenience of setting up your very own A-T-M.

USAA, the privately held bank and insurance company, has updated its I-Phone application to allow customers to deposit checks straight into their bank accounts. For the application to work the user will photograph both sides of the check to be deposited using the phone’s camera, and then send the pictures to the bank.  read more »

Car Thieves Most Wanted

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If you're worried about keeping your shiny new car safe from thieves don't worry about that high priced alarm. Your brand new ride might be safer than you think.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau has released its list of the ten cars most likely to be stolen. A car is stolen every 26 seconds in the U.S. costing taxpayers around $7.6 billion a year. And surprisingly the cars most likely to go missing are generally older models that you can buy legally for just $3,000 on average.  read more »

Glittering Apology


As the saying goes, you’re supposed to forgive and forget. But that is a task made much easier when accompanied with diamond jewelry. Here’s the story.

British businessman Robert Charlton was married to his wife Elizabeth for 26 years. And over the course of their union she received more than 40 pieces of high end diamonds, one for every affair Robert had.

Last month their daughter auctioned off some of the jewelry and discovered that her father’s infidelity had cost him nearly $500,000 U-S dollars. Over the course of his romances, Robert, who died in 1974 bought his wife antique diamond earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces.  read more »

As Seen On TV


As seen on TV doesn't always translate into will work as promised. But here are some products that just might be worth your viewing pleasure.

The people at have tested some of the products you've seen on those TV infomercials and have compiled a list of nine items that live up to their claims. Each item has been tested, detailed notes have been taken and most have a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee.  read more »

The Eternal Sex Symbol


These days it seems everyone is looking for a way to make a quick buck. Some are even selling off their husband’s final resting place.

In an effort to pay off her mortgage, Elise Poncher has put an ad on E-Bay to auction off her husband’s Los Angeles burial spot. And she is betting the offer will bring some big bucks, because her husband is currently resting above silver screen siren Marilyn Monroe.

Bidding for the plot started at $500,000 dollars and by last Sunday had reached $2.5 million dollars. Poncher says she was just hoping to raise enough to pay off the $1.6 million dollar mortgage on her Beverly Hills home so her kids wouldn’t get stuck with it.  read more »