Pillsbury's New Dough


Pillsbury is rolling out a new version of its cookie dough, and a lot of customer don't like what's cooking.

Pillsbury has announced that everyone's favorite comfort food, the chocolate chip cookie is being given a healthy spin. While the calorie count will remain the same; 170 calories for two cookies. The company says the taste has been improved, and it was able to remove all artificial flavors, colors and preservatives and high fructose corn syrup from the list of ingredient. Something most health conscious consumers should be excited about, right? Wrong.

Turns out people expect junk food to be junk and the changes aren't going over well. Customers say the difference in taste is noticeable and the cookies seem like they have been sitting out overnight instead of freshly baked.

The food site Delish did its own taste test and says the main difference they found was that the old recipe was a bit more gooey in the center and the new version had crispy edges and a caramel flavor. Maybe the company should offer both versions of its cookie dough and satisfy everyone's craving.