A Strange Economy


It's been nearly ten years since the great recession and while some people think another bubble burst is on the way others say our current economy is just plain weird.

Economists say that an economy in the wake of a recession usually bounces back. But since 2009's official recovery America has been slow to do that. Instead analysts tell MSN Money the economy is acting strange and there are ten very specific reasons why.

For example, people aren't going to work. The labor force participation rate measures the percentage of adults who have or are currently looking for jobs. During the recession the number increased, however since hiring picked up the labor force participation hasn't. Experts say this is unusual because most missing workers are men in their prime capable of finding work.

Another fact perplexing economists? The number of people quitting is up but a recent consumer confidence index survey found that most people consider the job market unstable. For more weird explanations for the state of the economy click the link below. Nobody likes a mystery when it involves your money.