Minimum Wage


There's a push to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour; but not everyone thinks the idea will serve up success.

Chef Mario Batali is the man behind the Eataly empire and the owner of several restaurants around the world. He says that the increase is not the best or fastest way to improve the quality of life for people because it will raise the cost of running a restaurant about 30%. Batali says that could lead to a rise in prices and people could be looking at $50 an entree just to eat out. And he's not the only one voicing concern.

The executive chef at Tortilla Coast in Washington DC says the current restaurant model, low wages and all gives everyone a chance to learn the ropes. She says no one wants to hire a dishwasher at $15 an hour without any skills or experience.

Others disagree saying while the restaurant has to survive, employees are a top priority. Wonder if that will still be the case if higher menu prices cause customers to lose their appetite.