Robotic Pizza


A Silicon Valley pizza company is cooking up a little change in the multi-sliced comfort food.

Former Microsoft executive Alex Garden is the man behind Zume; a pizza company he says is better for you and run almost exclusively by robots. First, the downsize in calories.

Garden says pizza is really just bread, cheese and vegetables. All things that are good for you in moderation. What gives pizza a bad rep is the amount of sugar some companies add to the process. Garden says at Zume they don't add any extra sugar to the sauce or the dough and they let the dough age for 24 hours so some of the sugar is fermented out. And then the robots come in.

One to roll out the dough, two more to squeeze and spread the sauce. And finally another to place it in the oven. While a person is still in charge of toppings garden says one day they will be replaced as well. He says robots can do the repetitive jobs while people are needed in customer support and finance. Or maybe a taste tester.