Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia is working to bring in tourists and their vacation money by relaxing some rules.

The country of Saudi Arabia is planning to open a visa free travel destination along its northwestern red sea coast. Officials say to help people unfamiliar with the country's customs feel more comfortable it will waive conservative ideas such as the women's dress code and gender segregation.

Plans for the red sea project will include diving attractions, a nature reserve, luxury hotels, islands and lagoons. The country's public investment fund is providing the majority of the funds to develop the area with officials hoping to attract some big names in the hotel industry.

The man behind the plan is the new crown prince of Saudi Arabia who took over from his father. He is looking at decreasing the country's dependence on oil revenue and an increase in tourism is a major part of that plan. The red sea project is expect to bring in an annual revenue of four billion dollars to the country and create more than 30,000. And possibly become the next big tourist destination.