At Home Speakers


Do you have an at home assistant who isn't carrying its weight? Turns out you might be the problem.

According to a recent survey the majority of people who own a smart speaker or virtual assistant such as Amazon's Alexa or Google Home only use it for weather reports and playing music. 40% of people surveyed said they bought the gadget to schedule calendar activities and make online purchases but only 14% of them actually do. And that number is costing companies.

Turns out these smart speakers were actually designed to serve as a portal between the consumer and the company who made them. Alexa makes it easier for people to order products of Amazon. A highlight that was featured in this week's prime day. Apple's home pod was meant to make people sign up for Apple Music and Google Home was intended as a way to make the home more high tech. But until users catch on to these features companies might want to figure out how to cash in on what the speakers are being used for. A meteorologist and a DJ.