Eko Duo Device


A revolutionary new device is taking health care out of your doctor's office and into your home.

“For the first time in history physicians can actually do a cardiac exam from their patient's bedside while they're sitting at the hospital.”

Jason Bellet is co-founder of Eko Devices. A company, based in the San Francisco bay area that first got attention for a blue tooth stethoscope attachment that tracks and logs your heart beat. Now the company has received FDA clearance for a new device called the Eko Duo Device.

“We have 26 million Americans that have some form of heart disease and when they're in the physician’s office or in the hospital they're able to be monitored by their doctor. When they get sent home their physician has no way to really monitor their cardiac condition. So this tool the Eko Duo gets sent home with the patient and allows the physician to hear their heart sounds, and capture their EKG from the patient's home.”

To see how Eko duo works click the link below. Talk about a good bedside manner.