A Diamond's History


Diamonds are forever and so is their history.

Marc Fink is CEO and chairman of Fink's Jewelers. I recently spoke with him about the issue of conflict diamonds and online sales. Conflict diamonds are mined in war zones and sold to finance a warlord's activity. Fink says all reputable jewelers are part of the Kimberly Process which requires every person in the supply chain to certify their diamonds conflict free. A process that will be notified in a customer's invoice. Fink says a reputable jewelry store is always a safe bet but today a lot of people are going online.

“I think you can buy on the internet and I think you can buy successfully on the internet but I think it's much harder to really know what you're buying and to really know what the quality of the diamond is. It's sight unseen you don't have a professional holding your hand through the process you can get a good deal that way but I recommend getting it from a reputable person in person.”

Looks like size isn't the only thing that matters.