The President's Tax Plan


President trump just marked one hundred days in office and the critiques are coming in.

Earlier this week the president brought up the idea of raising the federal gas tax, something that has not been raised since 1993. And like most of the president's proposal reaction is mixed. I recently spoke with John Chen, CEO and executive chairman of Blackberry who says the president's overall tax plan is a good one, and should have been tackled sooner.

“I hope the policy gets there, I hope the democrats will see it, midterm elections coming up I think jobs is a huge topic of the campaign I was a little surprised personally but I’m not white house I’m not President Trump but I would have tackled that first. I thought that would have been easier, less emotional then health care, you tackle health care first there is always some emotion with some party in the world.”

Chen says he is a global free trader, fears a trade war would be bad for everyone and encourages increased foreign direct investments in America.