McDonald's Goes Mobile


After a lengthy testing phase McDonald’s is finally ready to serve up a new type of menu.

The golden arches has announced that this month will be the roll out of its long awaited U.S. mobile ordering app. The company says the delay is from extended testing to avoid the types of problems that chains such as Starbucks faced. In that case the app was so popular that it created a huge backlog of orders and impatient customers were leaving without handing over any money.

McDonald’s says it doesn't want people to be forced to wait for mobile orders especially because it could mean cold food. So it's insuring the public that any possible bugs have been worked out and orders will be taken in a timely and manageable way. The company says accepting mobile orders will cut transaction times, reduce the amount of errors and free up workers to deliver food to tables or to a waiting car. McDonalds say this is part of the effort to pick up sales after a few years of decline. Hopefully people are ready to try even faster food.