An Early Career Start


Two Jersey boys are making some early career strides, and it comes with extra cheese and pepperoni.

Ten-year-old Nicholas Testa and his 12-year-old brother Michael are the sons of Carmine, owner of Carmine's Pizza Factory in Jersey City. From an early age the boys would go to work with their dad while their mom stayed home to take care of their baby sister. So to pass the time the boys began learning how to spin pizza dough.

Now their part time hobby has gone viral. Recently their dad uploaded a video of them practicing with a rubber pizza which has now been shared more than 200,000. The boys say they spend hours practicing and can now perform a variety of tricks, even while blindfolded.

Michael, the older of the two, says he has plans to make it to the world pizza games in Las Vegas to compete in the acrobatic dough tossing category when he's eighteen. To see the boys in action click the link below. Looks like their career choice is a real toss-up.