Open Minded Dating


Traditional dating apps are getting a little competition; from a third person.

In today's tech oriented society there is no shortage of websites helping just about anyone looking for love. From clowns to farmers to Christians all you have to do is swipe, wink or wave at a profile you're interested in to make a connection. Now one man says all of those websites are overrated and a temporary solution to a messy, unstructured database.

So he created Feeld, an app that allows curious couples a nonjudgmental environment to explore the idea of bringing a third person into the bedroom. He says companies such as Match, Tinder and eHarmony are too impersonal and business like and of course traditional. Instead his app, which is relaunching in the spring is aimed at events for open minded individuals.

People interested in meeting up will receive specific directions to a restaurant or a party. When you arrive you know you are in a space filled with people interested in the same things you are and users take it from there. It's a blind date with a greater chance of success.