Holiday Shopping Horror


It's the biggest holiday shopping weekend of the year, and if you're hating the long lines and crowds just remember things aren't so hot for the people on the other side of the counter either.

Black Friday, small business Saturday and cyber Monday are really just the beginning for the season. For the next month people will be frantically hitting the stores to snatch up the must have items for their loved ones. And while it can be a pain to deal with your fellow shoppers, think about the retail workers.

To stir up a little sympathy and maybe some patience for the seasonal workers here are some of their worst horror stories presented by customers. One worker says she was working in a Victoria’s Secret store when she bent down to put something back on a shelf. That's when a customer used her as a step ladder to reach some yoga pants. Or the employee who had spiked heels thrown at her because they weren't on sale.

To see more click the link below. Tis the season for something.