Election Ads Over


Do you hear something different on this station today? Or is it what you are not hearing?

Just listen to the commercials. Notice the difference? Ads promoting all the positive reasons you should buy their goods and services. Not a negative ad in the bunch. How refreshing. After eighteen months and more than a billion dollars spent on mostly negative political ads, you finally get a break. And so do the advertisers.

Companies can now find the space to air an ad without being squeezed out by politicians desperate to sell you their version of patriotism. They beg for your vote and bad mouth their opponent. Sure. Most listeners wish there were fewer ads. But I’ll bet you would rather hear a 60 second dose of capitalism, buy this or buy that, than hear another dose of negativism. And that points out the difference in producing radio and TV ads. Selling a product? Praise its positives. Selling a candidate? Attack the opponent.

Unfortunately negative political ads do work. And positive commercial ads do work. At least you’ll now get a break…for a while.