Political Games


The popular game Pokémon Go is getting a little political.

Two professors at Dartmouth College worked with developers of Pokémon Go to create a game called Hillary Donald Go. Instead of searching for Pokémon characters, players must find the nearest Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump booth and send their candidate good vibes to grow in support. Once a booth has received more than 50% of the good vibes from people who have discovered it, the booth will take on the face of that candidate.

Players can then watch the candidates react with funny faces and hear them recite campaign soundbites. The professors say the game can be played in nearly one million public locations across the country as well as U.S. embassies around the world. They say a political election is similar to a game in that we follow the scores or polls and root for our team. They say by creating the game people can enjoy some light-hearted competition and take a break from the campaign tension. Plus it might be a way to get more people engaged in the political process.