Making Plans With Facebook


First Facebook helped you connect with your friends, now it's making it easier to get the group out on the town.

It seems the older we get the more life gets in the way and the harder it is to schedule a time to meet up with your friends. And finding a time when you are all available is next to impossible. So, enter Facebook’s newest feature. Facebook Messenger now has a poll option that lets you and your friends vote on the plans for your next get together. So instead of phone calls or emails back and forth you can now vote on what you want to do.

While in a group text, tap on the poll icon below the message window. From there you enter in your suggestions such as time and place and send it out. Your friends can then vote on their favorite option, helping the group narrow down the choices.

And if you split the bill, Facebook Messenger is working on an upgrade that would allow you to send and receive money. Facebook might be the best friend you have.