Harry's House


It was the house that set the foundation for a beloved set of a books and a successful movie franchise, and now it could be yours.

The house that was used as the setting for Harry Potter's childhood home is up for sale in England. This is where the boy wizard got his start, living in a cupboard under the stairs before finding out he was meant for bigger things. And yes the real house that is up for sale, does have a cupboard under the stairs where hardcore fans can set up a Harry Potter bedroom of their own.

It also has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Plus a spacious living room, a newly renovated kitchen, cloakroom and garden all for an asking price of $619,000. But don't expect it to look like it has come straight out of the movie, the home has been redone to keep up with the times. Now anyone has the chance to be party of the wizarding world of Harry Potter.