The iPhone 7 Launch


Its iPhone 7 release week, so are you purchasing or passing?

This weekend Apple fans can head to the store, wait in long lines and spend hundreds of dollars on the updated version of the iPhone. But is the latest model worth buying into?

To help make up your mind, Forbes magazine has taken a close look at all the details the iPhone 7 has to offer and narrowed it down to the five main reasons you should consider buying it. Or if those reason don't appeal to you, then maybe save your hard earned money for the next big rollout.

For example, and this is a big one, a longer battery life. Apple says removing the headphone jack makes room for a bigger power pack and these phones should remain charged for 5% longer than the 6 models. Unfortunately unlike the Android, Apple did not say anything about a quick charge feature.

To see the breakdown of why you should buy in or avoid the rush click the link below. No reason to take a bite of the apple every time.