Hillary's New Plane

clinton plane 2.jpg

Hillary Clinton is unveiling a new campaign strategy; at about 30,000 feet.

Earlier this week the Clinton campaign unveiled a new Boeing 737 plane that the democratic presidential candidate will use to criss-cross the country. The blue and white plane has the campaign logo “stronger together” plastered on the side and the letter “H” on the tail. But one of the biggest perks? The plane is large enough to fit the press corp.

For most of the campaign Clinton has traveled on private jet and away from reporters. While republican presidential candidate Donald Trump also keeps reporters from joining him on his plane; Clinton has also come under fire for going almost a year without a press conference. A move that most reporters agree is highly unusual because the candidates generally use this time to show how transparent they will be if given a key to the oval office.

But both Trump and Clinton seem to be keeping their distance with Trump even banning reporters from certain outlets from attending events. Looks like both sides need to work on their people skills.