Apple Roll Out


Apple has again rolled out its annual September product surprises. But its moment was a little overwhelming.

Since the heyday of Steve Jobs, Apple enthusiasts have looked forward to fall roll outs, with Jobs uttering his familiar phrase "just one more thing." But this latest roll out may be more notable for what's missing than what's being added.

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will not have the standard headphone jack, betting its loyal fans will embrace the shift to wireless headphones. The new phones are water resistant, with a faster processor, more storage, stereo speakers and a better camera. But with few dramatic changes Apple watchers aren't expecting the spikes in consumer demand the company saw two years ago when it introduced larger screens.

The company also introduced new smartwatches with GPS tracking and enough water resistance to swim with, attempting to boost sales in its newest product line. Experts predict more dramatic changes to the iPhone next fall when it marks the 10th anniversary of the first model. The new phones will debut September 16th with prices starting at $650.