Apple Home


Apple has found you a new roommate, and her name is Siri.

Later this fall Apple plans to release its home app as part of its new operating system. The company hopes to have customers walk in their door, announce to Siri you're home and automatically your lights turn on and your TV comes on; or whatever settings you prefer.

This is not the first time Apple has tried to move in. In 2014 it introduced home kit but soon discovered one major flaw. The device would not talk to all the separate devices around your home. So if you had a certain type of lightbulb or thermostat it wasn't able to connect with it.

But now it seems the problem has been solved. Apple says the new app is broken down into three sections; home, rooms and automation. Home allows you to take control of your favorite accessories, room lets you control things in specific rooms and automation is where you can set things to react to real world situations such as a break-in. Now if only you could get it to cook dinner.