Female Emoji's


The world of emoji's is getting a little girl power.

Experts say that more than 90% of the world speaks emoji. That means that emotions both good and bad are now being expressed with a little cartoon character. These days we have emoji’s for everything from bacon strips to a burrito. But when it comes to emoji's representing people they seemed to all look like men; now that's about to change.

Google's Unicode Emoji Subcommittee just introduced new female professional emoji that represent working women and their careers. Those include a factory worker, scientist and teacher. The eleven new emoji will be available in both male and female options with a variety of skin tones. Unicode is also updating 33 existing emoji's so users can select from a male or female runner or a male or female getting a haircut.

Google says the new emoji are part of a bigger effort to represent women in technology and encourage young girls to pursue careers in science. And what better way to encourage teenage girls than with something they can find on their phones?