Facebook At Work


It looks like the days of hiding how much you use Facebook at work could be numbered.

Facebook is working on a project called Facebook at work that could change the way we internally communicate with co-workers. It allows people to create a Facebook at work profile which can be used to keep in touch with co-workers, collaborate on a project and discuss topics in a group or private setting.

And if you're worried about your wild night out with some of your nine to five friends making your work profile don't be. Personal updates from your original profile won't be uploaded to Facebook at work and vice versa. Users will only be able to interact with people at their company who have also created a profile and here's something to keep in mind. Any content you share or create will be owned by your company even after you leave.

Facebook is currently in the pilot stage with only 450 companies testing out the program. But with 1.6 billion current users at least you won't have to worry about training anyone.