A Glimpse Around the World


Want to see the world? Facebook is offering you a free trip and all you need is a profile.

Facebook is now allowing users to check out what people all over the world are doing with its new live video map. It's available on the company's desktop site and shows you were people around the world are live streaming public videos.

So if someone is taking a trip out to the Great Barrier Reef you can go to. If you want to check out the weather in Portugal just click on a blue dot in your desired area. Each blue dot represents a streaming video, the bigger the dot the more viewers that person has. Hovering over a dot will show you its corresponding stream and shows you where else in the world people are watching from.

And to make it even easier for you to watch something interesting Facebook will line the left side of the video stream screen with recommended streams from major media outlets or celebrities. Just make sure your stream is set to public, or your private matters will go global.