Postmortem Voting


The race for the white house has gotten so heated that even the dearly departed are chiming in.

It appears more and more likely that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will battle it out to become our next president. And while their campaigns are preparing for the upcoming attacks, the recently deceased also want to make sure their opinion is heard. Over the past couple month’s obituaries are being published that not only tell the life story of the person who just passed, but they are also leaving behind their political preference.

In Alabama one woman's obit ended with quote “in lieu of flowers, do not vote for Donald Trump. Just before dying earlier this month a Massachusetts man told his family he wanted Trump to be the next president and his obit ended with quote “please do not vote for Hillary Clinton in the November election.”

One woman in Virginia found the choice so difficult that her final words were “faced with the prospect of voting for either Trump or Clinton I choose to go with god.” Makes it hard to rest in peace.