Allegations Against Facebook


Facebook is getting a little friendly with some of its biggest critics.

This week Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg met with prominent conservatives in the media. This comes after a former employee said the social networking site omitted conservative political stories from its list of trending stories. An allegation that anyone connected to those types of stories was unhappy to hear, especially when you consider the audience.

According to a study done last year by the Pew Research Center 63% of users or 41% of American adults say they get their news from the site. Among the people who attended this week's meeting is former Fox news host Glenn Beck. Beck says because Facebook is a private company he respects their decision to run it how they want to. But he says it would be wonderful if a site of their size would uphold the first amendment.

So far Zuckerberg says the claims are not true and the company is investigating; meanwhile a senate investigations committee is also looking into the report. If you can't trust your friends, who can you trust?