The New Silicon Valley


Silicon Valley is attracting a new type of tech worker; and all they can see is dollar signs.

Recently Apple co-founder Steve Woznick told Mashable that when he and Steve Jobs were working out of a garage they were doing it because they were passionate about the project. Now he says Silicon Valley is attracting two types of people; the ones that go to business school where money is their only priority or the ones that go to engineering school and want to accomplish and create things that didn't exist before.

Unfortunately Woznick says the people who hope to get rich quick are outnumbering the ones who want to better the world with their ideas. He says when he and Jobs spent hours together trying to perfect the personal computer they thought that they would never be bigger than a small office space and a handful of employees. But he says they kept working at it because they wanted to and they were creating something they thought was important.

Not everything is a million dollar idea but at least it can feel like it.