The Story of Money


They say love makes the world go round, but the real culprit might be a bit more expensive.

I recently spoke with Ben Alsop, Citi Money Gallery curator for the history of money exhibit at the British Museum. He says money, even in its most basic form, will always be a key factor in how the world economy operates.

“It's played such a central role in society so it's interesting that with money people feel that visceral element they want to have it, they want to control it, they want to be able to spend it, they want to be able to accumulate it.”

Alsop says besides being fundamental requirement money also holds religious meaning, and for some people it can also be lucky.

“The pursuit of money has been described as the root of all evil but I suppose its not money it’s how we use money and that's the thing it's how money is used in society and how society reacts to money is part of the story.”

And it's a never ending, always changing story.