April Fool's Day


A few days ago Google got in on the April fool’s day action; but it looks like the joke was on them.

To celebrate the day of pranks Google added a feature to its Gmail system called mic drop. It was an orange button next to the regular blue send button that allowed people to send their emails with an animated image of a minions character dropping a microphone.

However it turns out the feature literally ended the conversation, making it impossible for the sender to even see any replies to their email. And the location of the orange button next to the regular send button didn't sit well with users either.

Soon after uploading the gag Google was flooded with complaints from people who had accidentally sent the video to co-workers, their boss and in one case a human resources department while trying to score a job. Google responded with a note saying it looks like they pranked themselves. It says there was a bug in the feature that caused a lot of headaches, for users and no one was left laughing.