The History of Money

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There are many things the people on this planet have in common; and one of them is in your wallet.

“There's not a person on this earth that doesn't have a relationship with money be it positive or negative so therefore the minute you walk into the Citi Money Gallery you at least have an appreciation of what you're looking at and you can therefore relate to someone who lived 2,000 years ago or 10 years ago.”

Ben Alsop is the curator for the Citi Money Gallery's History of Money exhibit at the British museum. He says the exhibit is a way to look at the history of the world through something we have all shared.

“In the gallery we deal with 4 ½ thousand years of history and that's not to say there wasn't some form of commodity or trading before that, it's just that's where we have the records so our understanding of the history of money starts really with the creation of the written word.”

And giving us the famous line, “show me the money!”