Social Media and Terrorism


With 140 characters or less Twitter is doing its part in the fight against terrorism.

Officials with the nonprofit Simon Wisenthal Center gave Twitter a grade of “B” when it came to fighting online activity by militant groups such as Isis. The review by the Jewish human rights organization was based on steps that Twitter had already taken and information the organization learned in face to face meetings.

The Wisenthal Center says terrorist groups rely on social media sites such as Twitter to recruit and radicalize new members. Now the site has revised its community policing policies, stating that it banned any hateful conduct that promotes violence against specific groups and would delete offending accounts. On the other hand the company received a D grade for hate speech because it needed to do more to censor the language of some groups.

Its biggest competitor, Facebook received an A- for terrorism and a B- for hate speech. The organization says Facebook understood the seriousness of the situation before other social media companies. And besides it already has enough friends.