Asking For a Raise


Looking for a few extra bucks in the bank? Better know the best way to ask.

If you think you deserve a higher salary at your nine to five then you aren't alone. A recent Career Builder survey found that 57% of workers are not happy with how much they're earning. Unfortunately the majority of those same people are also afraid to have the money conversation with their boss. But if you don't ask you definitely won't receive; so MSN Money has a few ways around the awkwardness.

First, time the conversation right. Most people ask for a raise when they are already unhappy or about to leave; but the best time to ask is when you're happy with your job and demonstrating your value to the company. Also avoid asking to a raise during company evaluations. During this time your boss is usually busier than normal and in most cases the budget has already been set.

For more tips on asking for a boost in pay click the link below. The worst they can say is no.