Uber Conversations

danny and sean.jpg

Uber drivers tend to get a bad rap, but in some cases they're not getting an easy ride either.

There are many complaints about the ride sharing company including price increases on certain days, drivers getting lost and in some cases drivers getting violent. But maybe it's time to consider just how much those drivers have to put up with. For example some passengers are drunk, some talk too much, some try to become a navigator and some are just rude.

So to put it in perspective two comedians from Australia have put together a video of the stuff Uber drivers are constantly forced to listen to. The video shows Danny and Sean playing Uber customer and driver and highlighting all the typical conversations that take place in the car. It includes the usual questions such as “is it a busy night” and “do you know where you're going?”

To see the video click the link below. But be warned some of the language might not be suitable for work. Makes you wonder if the extra income is worth it.