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Online dating is rough, especially when it's not just your fellow singletons that are rating you.

Tinder is a dating app where people swipe left or right based on your picture alone. A swipe right means they like what they see, a swipe left means on to the next one. But it turns out those people aren't the only ones determining your worth, the app itself is doing the same.

According to a writer from “Fast Company” Tinder gives each one of its users an “elo score.” This is a chess term used to rank a player's skill level. In Tinder’s case it is used to rank a user’s desirability. That number helps the company facilitate matches based on scores. So if you are considered desirable by Tinder you are more likely to be matched with other desirable people. Unfortunately the same goes for people deemed not so hot.

But it's not about creating good looking couples. Tinder's CEO says there are other factors that determine the elo score but didn't really elaborate. Either way looks like you might want to perfect that selfie.