Movie Magic


The force is strong with Star Wars fans, and it's paying off for the movie studio.

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” the long awaited seventh episode in the franchise was released December 18th. And in a universe where fewer people are going to the movies and streaming services such as Netflix are king, the rebels are striking back.

In its opening weekend star wars brought in $517 million. That number smashes previous ticket sales records, even after you account for inflation. It was also the largest opening weekend for North America with $238 million in sales. Star Wars fans say they had waited years for episode seven to come out and it looks like movies studios are hoping to cash in on that type of nostalgia.

Disney has four more star wars movies planned as well as a reboot of the “Indiana Jones” franchise. Fox has three “Aavatar” movies planned and Universal is planning a sequel to “Jurassic World.” Unfortunately the magic of the first movie doesn't always make it into the next ones.