Bad Tourists


China is cracking down on its citizens, especially when they leave the country.

China's tourism authority says it has named and shamed five Chinese tourists for bad behavior while traveling in other countries. Now officials are taking it a step further and talking to airlines about a flying ban.

The five people include two women and a man who brawled during a flight when one women said her seat was bumped. A fourth person was a man who assaulted a store worker for allegedly disrespecting his wife. The final person was a woman who threw hot tea on her tour guide after learning her son's ticket to a scenic site was not included in the package.

Officials say their names and their behavior will be entered onto the administration's list and will remain there for one to three years. During that time they can be refused service by airlines, travel agents, hotel workers and tourist attractions. China says the crackdown comes after multiple accounts of bad behavior from its citizens while abroad. Looks like China's Uncle Sam has a pretty long reach.