Pictures With Santa


For some parents in New Jersey, Christmas just got a lot merrier.

One of the Christmas traditions that most parents hate and children wait all year for is the trip to see Santa. So with list in hand, family’s line, plop their little one on Santa’s lap and get the annual picture taken.

A couple weeks ago a New Jersey mall announced it was going to charge $35 to $50 per child to wait in line and get their picture taken. Obviously that decision sparked a lot of anger in people who said locking up Santa pushed away lower income families and was ruining the spirit of the season.

In response the mall said it had heard the feedback from its customers and decided not to charge a fee for its adventure to Santa exhibit. It said it wanted to keep things festive for the holidays and not alienate any customers. The Santa exhibit at the mall features a virtual sleigh ride, a concert performed be elves and various games. Maybe all they wanted for Christmas is someone to pay the bill.