Parachuting Beavers


Video of one of the most bizarre attempts at repopulation is now seeing the light of day.

In the 1950's Idaho fish and wildlife officials took beavers, put them in a box, strapped on a parachute and threw them out of a plane. When they came up with the idea, the state was struggling with an overpopulation of beavers in some areas. So they gathered the critters up and dropped them into the wilderness.

But if you’re' an animal lover don't worry; it appears the animals made it through their adventure unharmed. The video of the project was recently found by a fish and game historian who discovered it unmarked and in the wrong file. Now it has been digitized and available for your viewing pleasure. To see the video click the link below.

Fish and game says their tactics have changed but the parachute idea was successful when it came to spreading out the beaver population and protecting parts of the state. Not sure the idea would fly quite so well in today's world.