An Airline Crackdown


U.S. airlines are tightening the rules on their cargo hold after the killing of a well-known African lion.

American Airlines, Delta and United Airlines are now banning the transport of lion, leopard, elephant, rhino or buffalo killed by trophy hunters. These animals are known as the big five by game hunters because they're the hardest to kill on foot.

The announcement follows the controversial hunt and kill of Cecil the lion. Cecil was killed by a Minnesota dentist led by two local guides. The dentist says he paid $50,000 for what he thought was a legal hunt. But African authorities say Cecil was lured from his game preserve, shot with an arrow, tracked for 40 hours and killed. Since then the dentist has gone into hiding after the hunt resulted in death threats against him.

The airlines say the ban will make it harder for hunters to ship their so called trophies. Supporters hope this will help cripple the multimillion dollar game industry. He might have lost his fight, but Cecil has become the face of a war.